Group Dental

Add Group Dental as Part of Your Benefits Package

Study after study shows that oral health is inextricably linked to overall health and quality of life. Regular preventative dental care, paired with proper daily oral health routines, can have a major impact on overall health – something both employees and employers value. In fact, three-fourths of employees rate employer-provided dental coverage as “very important”*.


Your Dental Checkup

We work with several dental providers to offer you a plan that will work for your business and employees. You can choose to provide a Dental PPO where there is a large network of dentists and the ability to go out of network with greater flexibility and higher levels of coverage. A Dental HMO provides a broad selection of dentists to select from in network. In addition, there are plans on a voluntary basis. Some plans will cover orthodontic care and other appliances, and many offer dependent coverage. We will help you examine all your options.