401(k) & Other Benefit Plans

Building a Nest Egg

We offer 401(k) retirement plans that can be structured to accommodate profit sharing and/or matching company contributions. The leading financial investment firms with which we partner offer automatic enrollment in a 401(k) with opt-out provisions, salary deferrals, employer contribution options, and online information, account review and retirement calculators.

The traditional 401(k) safe harbor 401(k), and SIMPLE 401(k) plans we offer in some cases can be built with a Roth elective deferral. They can provide tax advantages to both your employees and your company. Traditional plans meet non-discrimination requirements, and both the safe harbor and traditional 401(k)s can be combined with the other retirement offerings. We’ll go over the benefits, requirements and restrictions of the different options available to you. We can also help optimize your 401(k) program with an analysis of investment options, reducing expenses, coordinating rollovers, offering employee education options, and increasing enrollment

Other Plans Available

We can assist you in setting up a profit-sharing plan that comes with design flexibility and contribution discretion. You can determine the contributions, which can be allocated in a number of ways. There are three basic types of profit sharing plans: traditional, age-weighted and new comparability. We can review each with you to determine what’s best for you and your employees.

Help Employees Achieve the Retirement They Envision

Benefits Plus can assist you in setting up a retirement benefits plan for your employees, helping to create a roadmap to secure their future. Not only does this provide your employees with peace of mind but also adds to your recruitment and retention strategy to attract and keep top talent – particularly key in highly competitive fields such as technology and manufacturing, for example. In fact, aside from Health insurance, it can be argued that retirement and financial planning offerings are the most valuable benefits offered by organizations today.