Portfolio Management

Every investor has a unique set of goals and objectives therefore our investment advisory services are tailored to provide you with a personalized investment strategy. During the discovery phase of our process, we will uncover current and future growth objectives, risk tolerance, income needs, liquidity needs and time horizon. We will utilize this information to set an investment objective and develop an asset allocation strategy. All of the above factors form the blueprint for developing a portfolio management strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Through Paul’s relationship with Eagle Strategies Corp, a registered investment advisor, you will receive the same portfolio management services as many institutional investors, whether it is a Mutual Fund Wrap Account, a more customized Separately Managed Account, or a combination of both.

The Mutual Fund Wrap Account offers the advantage of not needing a substantial amount of money to have professional money managers be responsible for the portfolio’s asset allocation, security selection, rebalancing and the day to day monitoring of the account. Eagle Strategies’ mutual fund wrap accounts offer competitive pricing through special pricing with many managers and the manager’s use of institutional share classes, a pricing structure inaccessible by most retail investors due to the large investment minimums.

The Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a type of professionally managed investment vehicle that typically carries a focused investment strategy. SMA’s invest in individual securities on a discretionary basis, providing investors the flexibility of restricting the holding of certain securities and tactfully utilizing gains and losses for tax purposes. We can select from a variety of SMA strategies to either custom design a holistic investment portfolio or utilize individual strategies to address one of your specific investment needs.

No matter what your investment needs entail, Paul and Eagle Strategies have the required programs to achieve your goals!